Installation of our burners in Lithuania

Main field of the Laboratory research:


· combustion process efficiency;

· renewable fuel gasification ;

· mitigation of atmosphere pollution;

· research and developement of burners and fuel atomizers;

· research of Hydrogen separation from organic fuel;

· thermal cracking and gasification of solid organic waste;

· numerical modeling of granular matter and particle systems;

· environmental impact assesment, dispersion modeling of environmental air pollutants;

· research of combustion process by fuel-saving, mitigation of environmental air pollution and thermal decontamination of hazardous waste.

Experimental equipment for combustion and gasification of organic fuel 

Reginos degiklis 002

Numerical modeling of granular matter on grate furnace

Industrial burner for liquid and gaseous fuel up to 10 MW capacity, developed by the Laboratory

About us

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The Laboratory was emerged from specialists of energy field and has over 20 years of research experience. Our main knowledge area - heat and mass transfer, combustion and gasification, environmental impact assesment, aerohydrodynamics, turbulence.

Since 1990, heavy fuel oil burners with NOx < 400 mg/nm3 water heating and steam boilers of 4-100 MW capacities were reconstructed in many Lithuanian industrial companies.

For natural gas combustion NOx level achieved 150 mg/nm3 for 110 MW boiler, utilizing two-staged air supply.



Optimization of Combustion Process
Organic Fuel Gasification Research