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During 8/9th of September, 2013, partners meeting of the Project E!5840 ReplaceNG „Development of heat recovery and combustion equipment for optimal replacement the natural gas by low-calorific gases“ was held at the The Gas Institute of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (NASY).

The meeting was attended by the Project Coordinator (NASY) representatives, under leadership of prof., Dr. Boris Soroka, and project partners, representatives of the Lithuanian Energy Institute.

During the meeting detailed information about the project activities and completed stages was presented, experiences of the encountered problems and their solutions shared. Common achievements and results, possibilities of implementation and testing of the newly developed technological characteristics in European industry were discussed.

Subject of discussion of the specialist was numerical simulation of the process and the system, environmental pollution mitigation, new designs of heat recovery facilities and improvement possibilities of thermal engineering characteristics of the recuperators. The current status of the project in the context of the European countries was discussed.

During the visit, LEI representatives got familiar with experimental equipment at the laboratories of the Institute of Gas.

The next meeting of the partners of the Ukraine and Hungary was scheduled at the end of October 2013 in Kiev, Ukraine.

The project is funded by the EU with management of the European Social Fund Agency (ESFA).

1-21st of December, 2012. “Heavy fuel oil nano-emulsion combustion research” by the Laboratory of Combustion Processes research and development programme was performed, with the customer JSC “Grand Ecology Group”.

The service was ordered by the Innovation and Technology Agency, responsible for encouraging businesses to cooperate with universities and research institutes by utilizing research and development potential available in Lithuania, by the programme VP2-1.3-ŪM-05-K „Inočekiai LT“.

The programme „Inovaciniai čekiai“ (Innovation vouchers) is dedicated for innovative newcomers, small-and medium-sized business (SMB) operators, for targeted financial support services from research and educational institutions.

The amount of  the voucher is LTL 18,303.00 excluding VAT, the business operator’s contribution to the total amount is LTL 9,170.00 excluding VAT. The rest is funded by EU in the amount of LTL 9,133.00 excluding VAT.

Development of innovative thermal decomposition technology and its application for utilization of sewage sludge (INODUMTECH)

With the expansion of wastewater collection and treatment infrastructure, waste water treatment sludge amount is increasing proportionally. Large quantities of sludge at storage sites are accumulated and the management techniques used to date is becoming a threat to the environment and contrary to principles of sustainable development. Therefore, looking for effective ways to treat sewage sludge is an urgent matter. One of the innovative residual sludge disposal technology is gasification.  By such technology, the valuable product is produced during thermal decomposition of sludge  - flammable gas that can be used for heat and electricity generation. Gasification process is applied not only for reduction of the volume of sludge and extra energy production, but also to reduce environmental pollution.

The project is directly related to waste recycling, renewable energy sources and the development of the EU's major energy and environmental policy objectives: to reduce waste, improve energy supply safety, reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, enhance competitiveness of production, providing social support to the population and guarantee employment.

The project will result in a working pilot scale facility with functional technological process, ready for sewage sludge thermal decomposition. Recommendations for industrial equipment production, design improvements will be prepared in order to further increase of the efficiency.

More information about the project can be found in magazine article “Mokslas ir technika” (download pdf file, in Lithuanian language).